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Lasersmile Teeth Whitening-Lebanon-Dubai-Jeddah and All over the World!


Teeth Whitening


Teeth Whitening

The lasersmile teeth whitening system utilizes the lasersmile diode laser. Diode lasers emit light at a wavelength of 798 to 815nm which is part of the near infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum. The emissions of this specific wavelength “photo activate” the whitener and increase the efficiency of the whitening process.


Ferrari Dental Clinic Dubai

The lasersmile laser whitening system provides targeted, specific, gentle and completely safe results. Laser Teeth whitening is fast and you’ll get on average 9 shades lighter teeth in just one visit that last about 45minutes and of that only 24minutes constitute actual laser use. The results will last for about 5 years provided at our Ferrari Dental Clinics By  The number one cosmetic dentist in the Middle East Dr.Habib Zarifeh head of Clemenceau Medical Center dental division affiliated with Johns Hopkins International.

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